Helllooooo! Welcome to GoldMiilk.

I’m Tara and this is my family, including this brand.

I am 37 years old and I fell in love with breastfeeding almost immediately, found my purpose. I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to incorporate it into a career somehow. I want to help other Mums.

As a new Mum, I quickly realised how taboo the topic of public breastfeeding was, which to me, is bizarre. So I set out to create a positive public breastfeeding experience for Mums.

GoldMiilk as a brand was born when my sister and I (we'd both had babies at the same time) couldn’t find stylish, everyday, accessible tees for breastfeeding in Australia.

I also couldn’t find breast pads absorbent enough for my engorged milk supply and finally, because I want to provide solutions for my local Mums.  

My goal is to guide you through nurturing your biggest treasure, with tees to discreetly feed, to keep your dignity & be comfortable, leaks & all.  

Where did I get the name? I needed something with milk in it so it was obvious what products we sold. And breastmilk is AKA liquid gold so I put them together!  Hubby's idea to put double i for the boobies :)

Anyway, that's us. Mum to Mum, I’ve got you, I made these tees for you. 




We know no one likes paying for shipping, so consider it covered when you spend over $150 in one order!